IMD Business School Professors Win Case Award

Andrea SugdenAndrea Sugden, a resident of Tampa Bay, Florida, has nearly two decades of experience in the staffing industry. Outside of work Andrea Sugden maintains a number of interests, including the IMD School of Business in Switzerland.

The Case Centre, formerly the European Case Clearing House, recently held an awards ceremony in honor of the year’s finest and most effective case studies. While the Harvard Business School amassed the highest total award count, the night’s highest honors went to Kamran Kashani and Aimee DuBrule of Switzerland’s IMD Business School, one of the business world’s most renowned institutions. The two professors were recognized for their work on an SKF case study. A number of other European schools were also on hand to collect awards at the event, including ESMT in Germany in the category of human resources, France’s Essec for entrepreneurship, and WU Wirtschaftsuniversitat in Austria for their work in ethics. Academics from Egypt and London also fielded winning professors.

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The HSTB Rabbit Resort

AndreaAndrea Sugden serves as a senior vice president of Adecco in Tampa. In addition to managing relationships with prospects and existing clients of Adecco, Andrea Sugden volunteers for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB).

In recent HSTB news, it was reported that the organization opened a rabbit resort, which is a habitat where adoptable rabbits can roam freely to remain healthy while awaiting their future homes. The newly completed facility is just one of the reasons the HSTB received a four-star rating from Charity Navigators, one of America’s largest charity evaluators.

Sensitive animals requiring different care than cats and dogs, rabbits thrive in the enriching environment that allows them to socialize and maintain a steady diet of natural grass and plants. The first of its kind in Tampa, the resort ensures that the rabbits are properly cared for until they find a permanent home. Those interested in adopting a rabbit from the HSTB can get more information by emailing or calling (813) 876-7138.

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Misconceptions about Staffing Agencies

Author Andrea SugdenAndrea Sugden lives in the Tampa Bay area and works as the senior vice president of U.S. Sales for Adecco, a global staffing firm. In this position, she manages all national accounts. In 2009, Andrea Sugden helped the company’s Southern Division become the first post-recession unit in the company to return a year-over-year profit after the 2008 financial crisis. Adecco staffs positions in many fields and at many levels.

Many college graduates and those who are unemployed are hesitant to take their resume to a staffing agency due to a few widespread yet incorrect fears, including the idea that staffing agencies work almost exclusively with low-paying employers who are only looking to hire on a temporary basis. On the contrary, many large corporations establish permanent ties with staffing companies as a form of strategic outsourcing. Global businesses such as Microsoft, Visa, Continental Airlines, and Starbucks make use of staffing agencies.

Fair, entry-level wages can be found with the help of a staffing professional, as can positions that offer benefits packages and paid time off. Experienced executives can also contact staffing agencies to gauge opportunities in their field of work. Businesses do not simply seek out staffing agencies to fill basic positions, but all available job openings, including high-level positions.

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Why Employers Should Consider Hiring Military Veterans

Author AndreaAndrea Sugden has served as a senior vice president with Adecco in Tampa, Florida, since 2008. In this role, Andrea Sugden oversees the operations of one of the nation’s leading staffing agencies. Adecco provides a range of services for both individuals seeking employment and jobs providers.

When hiring personnel, employers often overlook military veterans, one of the most talented pools of potential employees. In addition to receiving training in a wide range of skill sets, these individuals possess excellent leadership abilities and strong work ethics. In addition, the federal government offers tax benefits to employers for hiring veterans.

While veterans possess diverse skills, they are often well-suited for particular industries based on their experience in the armed forces. Health-care providers can benefit from the unique experience of battlefield medics, and engineering firms can find veterans who have significant experience in electric and mechanical construction. Other fields well suited for veterans with specialized training include security, federal government, supply-chain logistics, and information technology.

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