The Five Components of an Effective Staffing Strategy

Andrea Sugden on staffingAndrea Sugden, senior vice president of U.S. sales at the global staffing firm Adecco, has more than 15 years of experience in the staffing industry. Andrea Sugden joined Adecco in 2008 as senior vice president of the company’s southern division.

The hiring process can be quite complex, particularly if the position being filled is a permanent, executive level opening. In order to ensure the process moves forward without a hitch, the individuals in charge of staffing should develop a hiring strategy. Every staffing session should open with a discussion of what the ideal candidate will bring to the table; if employers do not know what they value most in a candidate, how will they know if they have seen it or not?

An experienced staffing firm can help with the second aspect of an effective strategy, and that is establishing a group of qualified potential hires. There is a sense of security in knowing that the dozen candidates waiting to be interviewed are all, in one way another, qualified for the position. Likewise, screening the candidates for any past felonies or incidents at previous jobs is a great way to save time rather than become interested in an individual who does not meet the company’s standards. When these three strategic components have been put into effect, the final two steps, interviewing and then selecting a new employee, become the easiest.


photo: alancleaver on flickr

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