What to Look for When Filling a Position at Work

Andrea on the right employeeAndrea Sugden, a strategic account manager, works at the global staffing firm Adecco as the senior vice president of national accounts. Andrea Sugden, a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, has more than 15 years of experience in the staffing industry.

Hiring the right employee can be challenging, especially if you are looking to fill an important and permanent role. There are a number of qualities to look for during the interview and screening processes that indicate whether or not a certain individual will be a good fit in the position. The first and arguably most vital quality to look for is competency, as well as capability. After judging whether or not the individual is a fast and adept learner, compare their educational background and prior work experience and determine whether or not they possess the kind of knowledge that will allow them to succeed at the job in question.

In addition, evaluate the potential employee’s character, judging whether his or her values align with the company culture. Also, determine if they are compatible with other employees and dedicated to the position. If the potential hire indicates plans of a major relocation in the near future or expresses desires to be involved in another industry, there is no point in staffing them and then beginning the process again a few months later. Likewise, even the smartest and most capable employee can hamper overall production if they do not communicate and work well with others.


photo: agnihot on flickr

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