The HSTB Rabbit Resort

AndreaAndrea Sugden serves as a senior vice president of Adecco in Tampa. In addition to managing relationships with prospects and existing clients of Adecco, Andrea Sugden volunteers for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB).

In recent HSTB news, it was reported that the organization opened a rabbit resort, which is a habitat where adoptable rabbits can roam freely to remain healthy while awaiting their future homes. The newly completed facility is just one of the reasons the HSTB received a four-star rating from Charity Navigators, one of America’s largest charity evaluators.

Sensitive animals requiring different care than cats and dogs, rabbits thrive in the enriching environment that allows them to socialize and maintain a steady diet of natural grass and plants. The first of its kind in Tampa, the resort ensures that the rabbits are properly cared for until they find a permanent home. Those interested in adopting a rabbit from the HSTB can get more information by emailing or calling (813) 876-7138.

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