The SPCA and Baghdad Pups

Andrea Sugden of Tampa BayTampa Bay area resident, Andrea Sugden acts as senior vice president of sales at global staffing firm Adecco, where she oversees national account sales, supply and delivery solutions, and client implementation. Outside of her professional life, Andrea Sugden supports several charities, including the Humane Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The SPCA specializes in protecting and rescuing animals in areas of conflict and disaster. The SPCA offers various programs, including Shelter Grants, Global Animal Medical Assistance, and Operation Baghdad Pups, that reduce animal suffering and abuse in the United States and worldwide.

Operation Baghdad Pups reunites service men and women in the United States with animals they befriended while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Troops often befriend local animals as a way to help them cope with the emotional hardships they endure. The SPCA coordinates the veterinary care and transportation technicalities that allow the owners and pets to be reunited once the owners return home.

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